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Let me introduce myself. My name is Crestine Carson. I am also a Filipino nurse and I worked in New Zealand as a full-time registered nurse for over 7 years. But now, I have shifted to entrepreneurship. I still love nursing and I am very passionate about this profession. However, I have also discovered another calling -writing and coaching others.

 I wrote an ebook- A Quick Guide For Filipino Nurses Who Want To Work and Live in New Zealand to inform and educate Filipino Nurses. Sadly, at that time, there were many Filipino nurses who took the longer and more expensive pathway to go to New Zealand. The scheme recommended by their agents and consultants involved applying for a student visa to enrol for a course which is both expensive and unnecessary. Needless to say, this is not the best way to become a Registered Nurse in New Zealand.  You may have heard of similar stories from where you are. Or you may have experienced the same thing, caught in a debt and trapped by a promise of a better nursing career abroad.

One nurse even committed suicide when she realized she could not work as a Registered Nurse and therefore could not afford to pay her loan in the Philippines. Our Philippine Ambassador to New Zealand, Jesus Domingo, cautioned applicants about Student Trafficking as there will be agents, consultants, and/or advisors who will choose profit over their clients’ best interest.

I just want to be clear; I am NOT against immigration consultants and agencies. I know there are a lot of good and ethical consultants, in fact, I am a product of one. But sadly, there are many out there who are unethical. So, through our Social and Learning Platform, we can help and guide other Filipino nurses to take the best pathway for their nursing career abroad.

Your blogs and vlogs will be of great help and we would love to collaborate with you! Join our team and become one of our Nurse Mentors.  Pinoy Nurses Abroad  ( is a Social and E- Learning Platform which aims to provide real life experience and  genuine information from Filipino nurses around the world. 

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